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Massage on offer

The In2flow massage seeks to revitalize your complex body/mind & soul, even at times of duress. It helps to ‘put things in the right perspective’.

Gift certificate with key ring

Gift certificate with key ring

The body is seen and used as a key to open people’s minds and to deepen your understanding of the nature of change.

Gift Certificates are for sale, a special gift to give ánd to receive.

Massage to relax body / mind & soul

The therapist Wytske Dijkstra offers massage that will relax your body / mind & soul, let the energy flow and stimulate your self-healing power.

A unique cocktail of techniques (classic Swedish, intuïtive, dynamic and energetic) is applied, depending on what you and your body/mind & soul need at that moment. Natural oil will be used.

Holistic Pulsing / Body Work / Coaching

There is no need to undress with this kind of treatment. A separate session may help you to become conscious of your life-theme of the moment.

It’s possible to get a half hour session, just to relax or as a try-out of what holistic pulsing can mean for you. It may give you a deep inner relaxation of body/mind & soul.


Treatments are especially valued by free spirits (f/m), like artists, scientists and/or entrepreneurs, who like to fulfil their full potential in this life.

A standard treatment takes 75 minutes. Other time durations are also possible. When you would like to hear more about the possibilities, please contact In2flow (tel. 06-11 06 87 72). Appointments can be cancelled without any problems until 48 hours before, otherwise you will be charged with 100% of the costs of the appointment (because of the time duration reserved for you). Payment is done in cash.

massage ja, erotiek nee

The massage-therapist & in2flow

The therapist is of Dutch (Frysian) origin, she has living- and working experience abroad in Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique. Vipassana meditation has given her insight in the Asian perspective. It’s  her passion is to work with people in a respectful and creative environment in which we discover our qualities and are stimulated to fulfil our potential. The two playing gecko’s or chameleons in the logo represent my conviction that more can be made of life when you share your happiness and your sorrows with other people.

In2flow initiates and supports initiatives of others to make the world a better place for all life there is. Preferably in a sustainable way and within the possibilities of fair trade. Massage and body work is her core business.

In her spare time the therapist has been active (2011-2014) as president of the Women’s Network of Female Graduates of the Wageningen University (www.vwi-netwerk.nl). This network has gained national recognition by the nomination of the Women Inc Cordaid Stimulation Award 2013 and has stimulated the University to act upon gender balance of her organisation.

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